Kelana Design



Welcome to Kelana Design.

My name is Kate Clancy and I am the artist of Kelana Design. I've been drawn to create since I was a child, but I always seemed to allow my fears to get in the way of creating my art.  It wasn't until I started doing some inner work and learned to let go of expectations of what things should be or look like in both my life and my art, that I discovered that they could be so much more. I realized that creating art has been a catalyst for true healing, spiritual awakening, and many life changes for me. Kelana Design is a result of that journey.

My spiritual journey began several years ago, and while my path has seldom been smooth and easy, it has brought me to this place of light.  Along the way, I've been blessed to have had many teachers and guides provide me with insight and encouragement to help me move forward (push) through life's lessons. I'm grateful for each one of them.  Not only did I embrace my spiritual name, Kelana, I opened to a world of healing and light. My art has evolved to reflect the inner light that has been stirred within me through life's experiences, meditations, visions and dreams.  In my creations, I try to reflect the breathtaking images I see. They are often vivid and spectacular in color and detail. I always wonder if I can illustrate this in my artwork in a way that communicates the power and magic behind the image. As an example, it's like watching the most gorgeous sunset with changing colors and trying to capture it in a photograph.  It is never quite what your naked eye has seen.   But each of my paintings reveals its own beauty and light that has stirred something within me.  My wish is that my work not only stirs the light within you, but sparks you on your own journey.  

Thank you for visiting my website. Please explore my site and allow the wisdom of your soul to guide you. May you find something that touches your soul and brings more light into your life....